The Exeter-West Greenwich School Committee and I are thrilled to be able to team up with
Merchant Card Services to be part of Project Give Back.  The Exeter-West Greenwich
community has given the schools fantastic support through the years.  As a result the district
can boast about the quality of our schools and the richness of the programs both academic
and extracurricular that are available for our children.  

These are very difficult times. The school committee has been faced with declining revenues
from the state and local taxpayers who are financially strapped. The economic times make it
more challenging than ever to maintain quality programs. Project Give Back is a unique
partnership between a company, Merchant Card Services, and the school district whereby the
district can receive much needed revenue. The school committee is committed to allocate
funds from Project Give Back to activities such as athletics and the arts that are a vital part of
school and community life.  

By signing on as a sponsor company or by using merchants who are part of the network of
committed businesses you are joining our public-private partnership and helping to ensure
that the quality of life we enjoy in EWG will continue.  I thank you for your support for our
children, our schools and our community.

Thomas J. Geismar, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
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