We've already helped many businesses just like yours across the country. We understand in todays
economy  that many retail and hospitality businesses find it difficult to acquire working capital through
traditional loans because of the lack of collateral. That's why we provide valuable working capital to
businesses with a working capital program that is tailored to individual business needs. Our goal is to
put working capital in your hands without the hassle of dealing with the banks.
The Benefits are:
No fixed payments
    No fixed time frame
Completely automated
We get paid only when you get paid

                                       How does it work?

You sell us a fixed dollar amount of your future sales at a discount. Through an automated process,
we collect this fixed amount from each sale, and only after the sale is made. Once approved, you
receive a lump sum of cash, immediately!

You can use this cash to:
  • Expand your business or add additional locations
  • Increase your product line, add seasonal merchandise, meet unexpected expenses
  • Purchase New Equipment
  • Advertise and promote your business with new marketing programs
  • Buy out a partner
  • Perform renovations
  • Meet Payroll
  • Pay rent
It is easy to qualify for Quick Cash. All you have to do is:
  • Tell us how long you have been in business.
  • Demonstrate a minimum monthly credit card volume of $1,700.00
Merchant Card Services
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Providing industry leading service at the most affordable overall cost.
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